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Meilleure école Hôteliere

Welcome To Vatel Business School Mauritius
Where dreams come true!

Which is why Vatel offers you exactly what you do want! Being named the Best Hotel Management School among the 50 most prestigious establishments in the world, Vatel will prepare you to become your best.

International Exchange programs, guaranteed internships in high-class hotels, quality study programs, International Business simulation, and passionate lecturers forge world-class graduates to open doors of success!

How we do that?

Unlock Your True Potential

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be"

Bachelor & MBA In International Hotel Management

No 1 Hospitality Business School in the world.

  • Study in a well-equipped environment.
  • Learn managerial techniques and team-leading skills
  • Local & International placement
International Hotel Management
50 Campuses
1st Worldwide Business School
Group in Hospitality and
Tourism Management
9,000 Students
1st Awarded the Best Hospitality
School by professionals
in the industry
35,000 Alumni

Life at Vatel

Vatel school in Mauritius is situated in a huge garden of several hectares in the Medine Education Village, the first private " Knowledge Hub " in Mauritius. The school has the advantage of being both close to the town and to the coast.

  • Spacious living space to socialize and thrive
  • Well equipped classes to study in comfort
  • Quality hotel standard infrastructures to build practical skills
  • Multiple collaborative work areas to develop leadership skills
  • Attain up to 20 international interviews in soundproof student box to build CV even before completing the study
Life at Vatel

Why Study in Mauritius

Choosing to study at Vatel Mauritius is an opportunity to achieve one of the best international hotel certifications at a much affordable price than abroad. While you benefit from the quality of life it offers.

One of the major and world-known tourist destinations, the island offers first-class hotels. Most of these hotels are international groups and are partner hotels where our students do their practical sessions.

Why Study in Mauritius
 For International Students

For International Students

Study in a tropical setting is a unique life experience. Here, you will discover the true meaning of ‘beauty’ – a realization that will compel you to return to Mauritius’ shores time and again.

  • Only Vatel School teaching in English & French
  • Discover Mauritius through our international exchange program: Marco Polo program
  • Perfect lifestyle between study and leisure
  • Affordable living on the beautiful west coast
  • Full assistance for administrative procedures
 For International Students

Be part of the 35000 Alumni & Discover Their Success

At the end of your studies, enjoy access to the Vatel career management platform which hosts 38,000 job offers around the world. The school also opens its doors to a fabulous network of 35,000 graduates, called ‘‘ Vateliens ’’. They already have jobs worldwide
and are ready to welcome you during an internship, to advise or recommend you. What better way to get started?

We’re Global, So Are You!

The Marco Polo program is our international exchange program and was voted the Best educational innovation by professionals. It is considered a great opportunity to open up, to discover a country, its culture, its
language, and its education system... Vatel is the flexibility to study in multiple countries.


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